ATOM Mobility offers an all-in-one mobility Super-app with its brand-new rental module

ATOM Mobility offers an all-in-one mobility Super-app with its brand-new rental module

ATOM Mobility has broadened the scope of its services by adding rental software to its platform. The new module allows car, bike, and scooter rental companies to automate and digitalize their rental business with ATOM Mobility's platform which features digital ID verification, keyless vehicle access, calendar booking and prepayment, automated hand-off inspection, and much more.  

This effectively allows ATOM Mobility customers to create an all-in-one Superapp for the on-demand mobility market, after the company also added ride-hailing/taxi software to its platform earlier in the year which gives companies easy-to-use solution to manage their customers, drivers, and operations, all from one place. The platform can facilitate virtually any vehicle, be it a scooter, bike, car, moped, or even golf cart, for on-demand short-term, one-off trips, as well as for month-long rentals, and everything in between. 

It can benefit your mobility business, too

In addition to giving traditional vehicle rentals a simple and highly-efficient way to digitalize their operations and improve customer experience, integrating a rental module also serves to unlock new business opportunities.

Fleet owners can have all the different modes in one app, serving tourists and locals with the types of vehicles and services in need at any given moment, e.g. a scooter for a short trip on a sunny day, a taxi on a rainy one, and a rental car for a weekend getaway. Mobility service providers can mix and match the various modules to suit their offerings. For example, new market entrants can start with one operational model, and diversify their services as they grow by adding other modules to their existing app. 

The rental business model doesn't necessarily require adding new vehicles – it has the potential to maximize revenue from existing services. For instance, bike rentals can benefit from adding rental options alongside their on-demand, free-floating model, by allocating part of their fleet for renting purposes. To illustrate, depending on the location, an e-bike could bring in 15-25 EUR when rented for a full day, as compared to an average of 3 EUR per on-demand ride, with one to five uses a day. Accordingly, the rental model can be more profitable for the operator, as well as more convenient for the user, as they get the bike for the full day. 

Another chief benefactor of the new rental module is traditional car rental companies. For one, they can digitalize their operations and offer a fantastic, fully digital self-service experience to their customers, making it easier to pick up and drop off vehicles. Service digitalization also enables car rentals to open remote automated branches by partnering with hotels, parking lot owners, gas stations, etc. This may imbue extra convenience in your operations, as clients don't have to travel halfway across the city just to pick up their vehicle. 

A solution that works for everyone

As with previous products, the rental module is fully white-label, allowing the app to be customized with your brand design and colors. All whilst offering a smooth and convenient in-app rental experience for your customers. 

With ATOM Mobility's rental module, operators will also gain access to a powerful dashboard for managing their fleets, bookings, and customers. In it, you may:

  1. Track vehicle information in real-time, e.g. for cars – location, errors, battery/fuel level, odometer data, engine status, door status, and more,
  2. Set up your preferred pricing system, be it fixed, hourly, daily rental, distance-based, or otherwise,
  3. Get reports and analyses on everything from users and revenue to the utilization of vehicles by different periods, vehicle models, and locations,
  4. And more.

ATOM Mobility's all-in-one platform is the first of its kind, offering operators an opportunity to provide an excellent mobility service to their local community and visiting tourists. By listening to its customers and staying a few steps ahead of the market, ATOM was able to create a comprehensive, all-inclusive SuperApp. Accordingly, all components integrate seamlessly ensuring a smooth, hiccup-free, and user-friendly experience for both operators and their customers. 

Learn more about different solutions and modules: 

Vehicle sharing module (on-demand, mostly short trips):
Rental module (pre-booking, mostly weekly and monthly rentals)
Ride-hailing/taxi module:

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