Ride-hailing softwareRide-hailing software
Ride-hailing software

Launch your ride-hailing or taxi platform in 20 days!

All the technology you need to launch your own ride-hailing or taxi business. Cars, vans, trucks, rickshaw, boats and more.

Ready-to-go tech solution for ride-hailing and taxi businesses

ATOM empowers entrepreneurs to launch their own mobility solutions. Our platform eliminates all the technological headaches. It reduces barriers to launching a ride-hailing app in even the smallest cities. Our customers are entrepreneurs and taxi companies, who understand the local market needs better than anybody. We help them to focus on marketing and operations while we take care of the technology.

Software customized for your needs

Branded mobile apps for your customers (iOS, Android). A powerful panel to manage drivers, customers and follow the stats. Separate apps for your drivers. All customized for your brand.

Get to market in 20 days

We will help you to launch a complete solution in 10-20 days. That is faster than most companies will reply to your 1st email. Customer apps with your brand, driver apps, and management dashboard included.

Proven technology that scales

Scale easily from 10 rides to 100,000 rides, from one to ten countries, from one to 50 languages, from one service type to multi-services. We’ve got you covered.

Suited for any vehicle type
golf cart
wave runner
Suited for any operating model
Free-floating sharing
Station-based sharing
Mix of free-floating & docks
Corporate sharing
Book/rent type of business
Peer-to-Peer sharing

Customer app

  • The fastest way to launch
    Get your ready-to-go customized and branded ride-hailing app in 20 days.
  • Customize 30+ parameters
    Your city, your fleet, your language, your logo, your colours, your pricing, your rules and more.
  • Beautiful UI
    We tailor every screen so the app looks and works great. Customer will create account and request a ride in a few taps.
Ride-hailing software
Ride-hailing software

Driver app

  • Receive ride requests
    Drivers can go online with the tap of a button and will receive ride requests to accept or decline them.
  • Automated dispatch
    When a customer requests the ride, they are matched with a closest available driver automatically.
  • Easy in app navigation
    Help your drivers easily find customer and notify them once they have arrived.

Powerful dashboard

Manage your drivers, customers, team and settings in one place easily

  • Real-time data about rides and drivers
  • Heat map and analytics to help you reach the demand
  • Secure access with different roles & limitations for your team
Ride-hailing software
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Vehicles & IoT

Multi-vehicle support

ATOM Mobility will help you integrate any vehicle type into the platform - kick scooters, scooters, bikes, motorcycles, one-wheelers, cars and more. We work with different vehicle manufacturers and IoT providers to fulfil your needs and constantly add new integrations.


One SUPERAPP. Many possibilities

ATOM Mobility helps you easily expand to other business verticals and create your own unique superapp. Vehicle sharing, digital rental and ride-hailing - 3 products within a single platform.

Launch your ride-hailing platform in 20 days!

Contact us to learn more. We reply within 1 business day.