Why Atom?

What makes ATOM Mobility different.

"Top sharing vehicle app/software!” and "Best dashboard ever" are just a few of the great reviews about ATOM Mobility.

Speed to market

Everyone claims to be fast, but only ATOM Mobility has enabled a business launch in as little as 3 days and many others in less than 20. We always deliver on time, and that makes a big difference.


Beautiful, high-converting UI

Businesses running on ATOM enjoy an incredible activation rate with 35-65% of users making the first ride within a week, well above industry standards.

More agile, more scalable

Most solutions are either enterprise-only (and therefore up to 5X more expensive) or good for small businesses but not suitable for when a business grows. That’s why we made it our mission to offer the best of both worlds.


Continuous development

Great products require experience. Thanks to a fleet of 30,000+ vehicles in 40+ countries, we gather data at scale and use it to constantly improve our product.

Global reach

With 10+IoT integrations and 10+ different payment gateway integrations, we support all regions and enable entrepreneurs to successfully launch their business wherever they are.

Global reach
success manager

Dedicated customer success manager

You can’t run your business without the reassurance of fast, effective support when needed, which is why your dedicated customer success team is there for you also after the onboarding. Every single month we spend time with EACH customer to ensure they reach their goals.

More than a software

We provide more than just a software. Our newest free product - ATOM Academy gives you access to best practices, insights and interviews with industry experts to help you grow. More than 10 experts cover 15 topics within 10 hours of valuable video content.

ATOM Academy network

4,7 out of 5 stars

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look what other ATOM Mobility customers can say about working with us: Capterra.com

"Top sharing vehicle app/software!” and "Best dashboard ever" are just a few of great reviews we received.

ATOM Mobility vs Custom development

ATOM Mobility
Custom development
Speed to market
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Launch in 20 days
6-9 months of development for a first MVP, with a less predictable go to market timeline
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Predictable costs, easy to factor into your growth plan
5-10X more expensive within the first 2 years of activity, with less predictable budgeting
Software maintenance
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Robust apps and dashboards with new features are released every month at no extra cost
Constantly fixing bugs instead of working on evolving the product
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Already integrated with 20+ different services, IoT modules and payment gateways
Every integration will take time and money
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Continuous improvement based on data from 20,000+ connected vehicles worldwide
Need to invest massively in research and “reinvent the wheel” by starting from scratch
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Low risk thanks to a scalable model and low setup fees
High risks due to longer upfront investments
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Guarantee of high-converting apps performing above the industry average
Difficult to predict until the product is launched

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