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All customized for your brand and ready to launch in 20 days.

Branded mobile apps for your riders (iOS, Android). A powerful panel to manage vehicles, customers and follow the stats. Apps for your maintenance team. All customized for your brand.

Proven technology

Proven technology

Great products require experience.

Thanks to a fleet of 30,000+ vehicles in 40+ countries we gather data at scale and use it to constantly improve our product every single day.

Scale easily

Scale easily

Technology that allows your business to keep growing

Scale easily from 10 vehicles to 10,000 vehicles, from one to ten countries, from one to 50 languages, from one vehicle type to a multi-vehicle fleet. We’ve got you covered.

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Low-cost solution

Low-cost solution

Transparent pricing with no surprises.

Most solutions are either enterprise-only (and therefore up to 5X more expensive) or good for small businesses but not suitable for when a business grows. That’s why we made it our mission to offer the best of both worlds.

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Rider App

Mobile apps for riders

Industry-leading vehicle-sharing, digital rental and ride-hailing apps.

The fastest way to launch

Get your ready-to-launch customized and branded rider app in 20 days.

Customize 30+ parameters

Your city, your fleet, your language, your logo, your colours, your pricing, your rules and more.


Add different types of vehicles in the same app easily. Started with scooters, but want to add cars? No problem!

Beautiful UI & high conversions

We tailor every screen so the app looks and works great. As a result, we maintain a very high 35%-75% conversion rate to the first payment.

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Powerful dashboard

Manage your fleet, customers, team and settings in one place easily.

Real-time tracking and control of your fleet
Heat map and analytics to help you reach demand
Secure access with different roles & limitations for your team
Updating consistently based on customers’ feedback
ATOM Dashboard
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App for operations team

Streamline your operations with an additional app for vehicle servicing and rebalancing.

Easy in app navigation & routing

Help your team easily find vehicles that need charging, fuelling or maintenance.

Problem reporting

Vehicle health is important, so let your team report any problems with vehicles in few clicks.

Bulk vehicle edit

Save time with a bulk update feature which allows you to change the status and edit selected vehicles in 1 click.

Smart task distribution engine

ATOM algorithms analyse rider patterns, history, weather forecasts and fleet health to predict where and how many vehicles you have to place to maximise revenue.

ATOM Operator App
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Driver App (ride-hailing)

App for your drivers

Easy-to-use iOS and Android app for ride-hailing / taxi drivers.

Receive ride requests

Drivers can go online with the tap of a button and will receive ride requests to accept or decline them.

Automated dispatch

When a customer requests the ride, they are matched with a closest available driver automatically.

Easy in app navigation

Help your drivers easily find customer and notify them once they have arrived.

ATOM Driver App
Vehicles & IoT

Multi-vehicle support

ATOM Mobility will help you integrate any vehicle type into the platform - kick scooters, scooters, bikes, motorcycles, one-wheelers, cars and more. We work with different vehicle manufacturers and IoT providers to fulfil your needs and constantly add new integrations.


One SUPERAPP. Many possibilities

ATOM Mobility helps you easily expand to other business verticals and create your own unique superapp. Vehicle sharing, digital rental and ride-hailing - 3 products within a single platform.

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Contact us

Contact us to schedule a call and we’ll discuss your needs and vision for your mobility platform.

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Sign agreement

We’ll agree on the requirements for the software solution, fleet size, fleet type and launch date.

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Launch & improve

ATOM provides access to best practices, insights and interviews with experts to help you get started and then improve your operations.


What’s next?

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More than a software

No matter where you are on your business journey, with ATOM Mobility, you will have the tools, knowledge and insights to start and scale your mobility business,

Launch your mobility platform in 20 days!

Multi-vehicle. Scalable. Proven.