E-scooter sharing platform in small touristic town

E-scooter sharing platform in small touristic town

Is ATOM Mobility platform suitable for hotels and guest houses that wants to operate a small fleet of scooter or bikes as an additional service for guests? - Yes, sure.

It is even possible to get 20% of the total population in a small town to become users of the e-scooter sharing platform. That’s what the story of the GOON is about. The company operates in the small town of Zarasai, Lithuania with a population around 8 000 people and reached almost 2 000 users in the first few months.

Launch date: Spring 2020

Country: Lithuania

Fleet: Segway MAX

Web page: https://www.facebook.com/GOONZarasuose

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/goon-e-scooter-sharing/id1498086237

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=goon.app

“We got the idea for this business from the example of big cities where big companies like BOLT, CityBee, and others operate. We also took into account the lack of entertainment for the guests and residents of the small resort city of Zarasai,” says GOON’s founder Darius Kilbauskas, sharing the story of starting his own business.

Drew on Support for Startups to Begin

GOON started at the moment when its founders decided to use support from the Zarasai Startup training programme for young entrepreneurs. It is a project funded by the European Social Fund Agency and initiated by the National Institute for Social Integration. The GOON team was selected to participate in the programme in April 2019. Within a couple of months, they were joined by business consultant Ugnius Savickas, who diligently traveled to regular meetings with the project participants. This is how the business idea succeeded.

GOON scooters near the lake

GOON scooters near the lake

The Existing Platform is Affordable 

Just to give you an idea of how small the town is - only 8,000 people live there. GOON started to offer its services at the beginning of the 2020 season and had 1,700 users which amounts to 20% of the total population!

“Our scooter sharing fleet has only nine scooters, so the number of users is really impressive. In addition, this year was different - many chose to stay in Zarasai for the whole summer due to the pandemic or visited a neighbouring country - Latvia. And the biggest number of tourists also came from Latvia and one of its largest cities – Daugavpils which is only 25 km away. Zarasai has beautiful nature, lakes, and excellent infrastructure to offer tourists,” says Darius. In addition, he mentions that original and attention-grabbing e-scooter design, advertising, and ATOM Mobility’s modern rental platform played a significant role in creating a success story. “The app by ATOM has never let us down and has met all our expectations. We are grateful to those professionals for their quality work,” says Darius, thanking his partners.

The collaboration with ATOM Mobility started unexpectedly. Initially, the team was looking for a GPS device for IoT scooters. “We were interested in how much it would cost to build our own platform. Then we realized that this amount would be far too high for our small business. I found a Lithuanian company TELTONIKA that produces devices we were interested in. And then a representative of this company hooked us up with ATOM. This saved us a lot of money and time. ATOM helped us to launch the app in 20 days!” says Darius.

“This is proof for us that even with the super small fleet, it is possible to run successful operations. And the ATOM Mobility platform is also an affordable solution on such a small scale. It helps small businesses such as guest houses and hotels to offer e-scooters or bikes as an additional entertainment option,” comments ATOM Mobility CEO Arturs Burnins.

Aim to Entertain and Surprise

Currently, there are two people involved in the team of GOON. Darius is the supervisor of the e-scooter park and is responsible for administrative work. While his colleague Augustė is responsible for increasing the customer base and overseeing advertising and design. “We do everything ourselves,” says Darius proudly.

This is just the beginning of GOON. The company is considering expansion and not only in terms of buying additional vehicles and also working in other neighbouring cities but also in increasing diversity and choice so that it is possible to attract and surprise both tourists and locals.

If you ever visit Zarasai, don’t forget to take an e-scooter and enjoy the most beautiful route around Lake Zarasas, an 11 km circle. Darius also recommends visiting the watermill along the route in Šlininkai and enjoying a great meal there.

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