Shared mobility insights: utilisation data, vehicle types and popularity, trip length and more

Shared mobility insights: utilisation data, vehicle types and popularity, trip length and more

Some of the most frequent questions we receive are regarding how many rides per day each vehicle will make and how many vehicles should be placed in a specific city. Recently we found great report from France (provided by Fluctuo). This report has a lot of useful data for anyone who operates or plan to operate in shared mobility market. According to this report September was a good month for shared mobility in France 🇫🇷 

7 key facts about shared mobility in France:

👉  13 shared mobility providers are operating in Paris (2x bikes, 3x scooters, 2x mopeds and 6x cars)

👉  Only 10% of all cities (where population is below 200 000 people) in France has access to shared scooters and only 3% have access to shared mopeds

👉  Station based bike-sharing program is surprisingly popular in France with 70% off all cities have access to it

👉  In September (high season for micromobility) 2 145 000 trips were made on 25 650 free-floating shared vehicles with an average of 2.8 rides/vehicle/day

👉  Average number of rides per free-floating vehicle per day in Paris varies from 1,7 (for car) up to 4,9 rides per day (for moped). In other cities rides per vehicle per day varies from 0,5 (for bike) up to 4,8 rides per day (for scooter)

👉  Average trip length: 1.5-2 km for scooters, 2.5-3 km for bikes, 4-5km for mopeds

👉  Total number of free-floating shared vehicles in Paris is around 15 000 vehicles (bikes, scooters, mopeds and cars). It is around 700 vehicles per 100 000 people

Full report available here:

P.S. All graphics and tables appearing in the report are the exclusive property of fluctuo. Thanks to Fluctuo team for sharing this information.

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