New product, new business opportunities - flexible subscriptions

New product, new business opportunities - flexible subscriptions

Following the global trend of subscription based businesses and popularity of subscriptions in the micro-mobility space, ATOM Mobility introduces a new product - Subscriptions. Last summer Lime expanded its scooter subscription service LimePass to include daily and monthly passes. A monthly pass with five rides a day would cost around $16.99 and 10 rides a day for $29.99. It was only the beginning of a trend as other operators like Voi and Helbiz also launched their subscription offering and in some countries this type of offer is getting good traction.

Subscription offering is not stopping there with subscription based car rentals getting more popularity. Companies like Audi (Audi Select), Lexus (Lexus Complete Subscription), Porsche (Drive) and Sixt (Sixt+) are offering access to vehicles on a monthly subscription basis. This trend opens a completely new market for startups such as Borrow and Revolve. These companies are offering flexibility in choosing the car for a flat monthly fee with no long-term commitments.

Following this technological change in the market, ATOM Mobility is happy to support different types of businesses - does not matter if a subscription is just a nice-to-have feature in your vehicle sharing business or the whole business model relies on subscriptions only. 

Now you can offer unlimited access to vehicles that users can rent using subscriptions. Popular subscription types include daily, weekly, and monthly passes.  Set daily limits such as unlocks, ride minutes, pause minutes, and ride distance that are included in the subscriptions. Set an appealing price and watch your users benefit from this offer! You can create various types of subscriptions, launch them at any time and see statistics regarding the purchases and usage of the subscriptions, all from one place - ATOM dashboard.

First, ATOM Mobility launched the subscriptions feature in December 2020 adding significant improvements in January and February and planning to add even more features to this product in the future.

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