The new improved dashboard is launched 🎉

The new improved dashboard is launched 🎉

After analysing thousands of rides and hundreds of feature recommendations, we are excited to launch brand new ATOM Mobility dashboard that will help you manage shared micro-mobility services even more successfully. We listened to customer requests and also evaluated trends in order to enrich the new dashboard with more functionalities and richer capabilities.

With a new updated design, technological superpower and data centric approach you will not regret the minutes you spend working in the new dashboard. Plus, it works super fast, too 🚀

The dashboard includes some structural changes but more importantly, we have added:

✅  More layers to Rides, Vehicles and Customers to help you drill down to an individual level and track every activity happened to particular ride, vehicle or customer at every moment. For example, track when ride was paused and for how long and did the vehicle entered no-go zone during the ride;

✅  Comments. Leave comment for each vehicle or customer if needed so your team keep track record of everything that need to be done with the vehicle;

✅  Activity tracker. Track which commands, by whom and why are send to particular vehicle;

✅  Additional filters. You will find options to filter vehicles by vehicle models, statuses, battery, IoT signal and last ride within a given amount of hours. Mix and match these as you please. These are intended to quickly locate problematic vehicles and also get a good picture of your operations;

✅  More user roles. To help you find business partners and effectively manage existing employees, we have launched new user roles in the dashboard. Choose from 10 different roles with various access levels to your operations, statistics, and confidential information. 

💡 Clever insights. In addition, we are now also showing insights regarding average customer satisfaction with your service, rebalancing of vehicles not in use, and problems with IoT signals. This information combined with heatmaps will surely set you ahead of the game as you will have the necessary data to optimize your operations.

If you have any questions regarding the new dashboard or would like to start using our platform, contact us. Chose ATOM Mobility as your partner in the upcoming summer season and stay ahead of competition.

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