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Looking for a fleet for your vehicle-sharing business? Get access to sharing-ready vehicles provided by leading manufacturers all in one place.

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You'll get access to the most reliable partners on the market that we've tested and selected, including Okai, Segway, Acton and many others. Their vehicles are generating thousands of rides each day.

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Talk to our expert to know more about different manufacturers and save hours of negotiations. We can suggest the most suitable vehicle model based on your budget, timing and fleet size.

IoT enabled

All vehicles we work with are sharing-ready. This means they are not only designed to be more robust than the retail versions but are also equipped with ready-to-use IoT devices to track and control the vehicle 24/7.

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Take a look at the sharing-ready vehicles below and fill out the inquiry form to get in touch with one of our experts.

Scooters, bikes and mopeds

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