ATOM Academy: Learn from experts & launch your shared mobility business

ATOM Academy: Learn from experts & launch your shared mobility business

To all shared mobility enthusiasts, now is the time to take action. Are you still pondering if starting a vehicle-sharing business is the right move? Do you see a cap on the market but are not sure how to take advantage of it? 

Good news, now for FREE to get started: ATOM Academy is your gateway to success in the shared mobility industry.

Designed to empower entrepreneurs just like you, this comprehensive online course provides practical knowledge, strategies, and insights to help you launch and scale your own mobility business. ATOM Academy is divided into three core learning modules: Getting Started, Launch and Operate, and Optimize and Grow. Let's dive into each module and discover what you'll learn on your journey to mobility entrepreneurship.

Module 1: Getting Started - Explore the Possibilities

In the Getting Started module, you'll get a taste of the shared mobility business without any financial commitment. This section offers free access to explore and understand if the shared mobility industry aligns with your aspirations. Dive into 10+ lessons covering essential topics such as:

  • Business models with ATOM: Understand the various business models available with ATOM software and how they align with your goals.
  • Pricing strategies and revenue generation: Learn effective pricing models, promotional tactics, and revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Market research and competition analysis: Acquire insights into market possibilities and conduct competitive research to make informed decisions.
  • Financial planning essentials: Develop an understanding of budgeting, revenue forecasting, and managing expenses for a financially sound business.
  • Overview of hardware requirements: Familiarize yourself with vehicles, IoTs, docks, locks, and associated costs, helping you make the right choices for your fleet.
  • Funding options overview: Explore different funding sources, and understand what investors are looking for.
  • And many more topics…

Module 2: Launch and Operate - Set Your Business in Motion

Once you've completed the Getting Started module and decided to take the next steps on your shared mobility journey, the Launch and Operate module (locked behind a paywall) will guide you through the essential steps to kick-start your business. This module, in 6 lessons, covers the critical aspects such as:

  • Preparing for a successful launch: Gain insights from an experienced shared mobility operator who had an incredibly successful launch.
  • Influencer marketing strategies: Harness the power of influencer marketing to create buzz and drive customer acquisition during your launch phase.
  • Introduction to ATOM Mobility's dashboard: Get acquainted with the core functionalities of ATOM Mobility's dashboard and app, empowering you to manage your operations efficiently.
  • Customer support and engagement: Learn best practices for automated customer support, customer service, and managing app reviews to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • And more…

Module 3: Optimize and Grow - Scale Your Business

Once your shared mobility business is up and running, it's time to optimize and grow. The Optimize and Grow module equips you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to expand your business and increase its profitability. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Business models and fleet utilization: Explore advanced business models, including subscriptions, partnerships, and private fleets, to maximize utilization and revenue.
  • Advanced software usage: Dive deeper into ATOM Mobility's software, gaining insights into its more advanced features and functionality.
  • Key metrics for success: Learn about vital key performance indicators (KPIs) in the sharing business and industry benchmarks to monitor and improve your business performance.
  • Expanding with aggregator apps: Discover how to leverage aggregator apps and local entrepreneurs to grow your brand presence and expand to new locations.
  • Automating customer support: Streamline your operations by automating customer support using the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Optimize your fleet and ground operations: Discover possibilities to maximize profit through the optimal management of fleet, workforce, and customers.

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