All ATOM Mobility customers can be visible in Google Maps. Free of charge

All ATOM Mobility customers can be visible in Google Maps. Free of charge

Recently all the biggest players in the micro-mobility market have moved to where most people are looking for commuting solutions. One of them and the most significant is Google Maps. ATOM Mobility is introducing a unique opportunity for all of its clients to be found on Google Maps free of charge.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers are definitely the next big thing in the micro-mobility industry. With the huge amount of data available, platforms such as Google Maps and Moovit have become the leading MaaS trip planning solutions. Being on Google Maps means that millions of people around the world can search for and find your micro-mobility service. To be more precise, Google Maps has 154.4 million unique users in the United States alone monthly. And don't forget that the map is preloaded on ~85% of phones distributed worldwide.

Does getting into Google Maps seem to be mission impossible? For ATOM Mobility customers, this is no longer the case. All you have to do is to fill in the form and enable General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) on the ATOM dashboard. ATOM provides this data to Google with a description of the docked and dockless bikes or scooters the partner provides. Thus users can see the availability of vehicles and prices. A docked bike is represented by two data points associated with its bike station: availability and geographic location. A dockless bike or scooter is represented by its individual availability status and geographic location.

In 2021 Google Maps added new features - the ability to pay for parking or buy a train ticket right from the app. So let's see what comes next and how this will make life easier for those using micro-mobility solutions.

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