How Captur’s AI-powered photo reviews lessen the burden of parking compliance for micromobility operators

How Captur’s AI-powered photo reviews lessen the burden of parking compliance for micromobility operators

Micromobility is transforming urban transportation, offering convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional modes of commuting. However, with the rising popularity of e-scooters, bikes, and other micro-vehicles, there are also growing demands from cities to ensure compliance with road regulations.

One of the biggest challenges that micromobility operators face is parking compliance

It's a never-ending challenge to ensure that scooters are parked correctly and in designated areas without obstructing public spaces and other road users. Noncompliance can lead not only to penalties but even drastic measures such as banning micromobility solutions in certain locations for good.

The old way of keeping track of parking compliance – ineffective

In order to control compliance with parking rules, users are usually asked to upload a picture of the vehicle after each trip. These pictures are then manually reviewed to identify bad parking situations, then send the user either some educational materials or, in other cases, a warning.

The problem? 

Such manual photo reviewing is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Identifying and locating badly parked vehicles can take up to several days. By the time the wrongly parked vehicle is located, the operator may have already received a fine. 

Besides, it's a missed opportunity for the operator to effectively educate their customer – if the user receives a reprimand or some educational materials several days after the incident, it may not be efficient. These messages can get ignored, as the customer has probably already forgotten the particular situation.

This is where comes in.

Real-time, automated photo reviews with is an AI-powered solution for real-time image analysis to help micromobility operators ensure parking compliance. The company already works with some of the leading mobility operators across the globe.

For ATOM Mobility users,'s solution is now available as an in-app integration. Here's how it works:

When a user takes a photo at the end of the ride, ATOM Mobility sends it to, which uses AI to analyze it. Within 3-5 seconds, the user receives feedback on whether the vehicle is parked correctly or not. 

If the algorithm detects that the scooter is parked badly, the image is blurred, or the vehicle is not clearly visible in the photo, the option to finish the ride is disabled. The user is asked to repark and/or retake the photo. 

Users are given three attempts to submit a satisfactory photo, or the fourth attempt is approved automatically. Then, the last photo is sent to the customer's dashboard, marked as either good parking, bad parking, or improvable parking. Thanks to this categorization, operators can quickly notice and identify improperly parked vehicles and take action. 

“The first impression? works great, and it's a fantastic timesaver,” says Holger Ollema, founder of Hoog Mobility

The key benefits of for micromobility operators

The benefits of's AI-powered photo reviews are manifold, but mainly they're about reducing operational costs, growing the business, and providing better service to customers.

Save time and reduce costs

Time is money. Thus, effective automation of manual work can significantly affect the company's bottom line. 

With, micromobility operators no longer need to manually inspect every parked vehicle for compliance. Clients already working with say they've been able to automate 95% of previously outsourced manual work, saving hours of their time. 

This is especially important for those just starting out. As a new business owner, you might be extra cautious when it comes to expenses. By automating parking compliance monitoring, you can keep money in the company without increasing your workload.

Launch your business in new cities with ease

Despite the fact that studies show just 1.1% of e-scooters violate parking regulations, concerns about compliant vehicle parking are one of the key reasons why cities delay or ban the entry of new micromobility solutions.

Ensuring parking compliance is something ATOM Mobility + takes care of from day one. This argument may alleviate concerns for municipalities when granting permits to new micromobility solutions.

In fact, operators already using say this solution has made it easier for them to expand their businesses to new cities and markets. 

Improve user experience and brand image

Improperly parked e-scooters that block sidewalks or roads are one of the key reasons why other road users may have negative attitudes toward them. According to research, if negative attitudes towards e-scooters are formed, it may impact the person's willingness to ever try and use one. This means losing potential customers – and profits. provides e-scooter users with real-time feedback and educational content to improve their parking habits. In fact, reduces the time needed to provide customers with feedback by 10x, ensuring that the number of scooters on the streets that are parked improperly is minimized.

What does this mean for your brand? An opportunity to create an image of a responsible and safe brand. This may help you attract new customers and boost existing customers' loyalty. 

Less headache, more room for growth

Forget shifting manually through thousands of photos to detect bad parking – this can now be done automatically thanks to the AI-powered solution. 

For ATOM Mobility users, this integration offers an effective solution to the pressing problem of parking compliance. That's one less thing micromobility operators need to worry about when starting or expanding their business.

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