EU-startups: ATOM introduces new white label solution

EU-startups: ATOM introduces new white label solution

Riga-based e-scooter platform ATOM was the first of its kind to launch in the city in early 2019. Now, the startup has announced the launch of a new white label solution – enabling independent operators to easily manage their own fleet of shared vehicles through a platform and app. With ATOM’s solution, anyone with a fleet can create their own ride-sharing platform anywhere in the world in 20 days, without huge investments in an IT solution.

First version of the management dashboard (July, 2019)

First version of the management dashboard (July, 2019)

“We were the first e-scooter sharing platform launched in Riga in April 2019,” said Arturs Burnins, ATOM CEO. “Thousands of users tested it and we put a lot of effort into making the platform work perfectly. Later we focused on different features that can be customized according to customer needs, as well as market requirements. Now anyone interested in creating his own ride sharing platform can do it easily in any country of the world.”

At a time when the scooter and bike sharing market is growing rapidly, the ATOM platform is the fastest way to launch a ride-sharing business. Individual operators and companies can use ATOM software to launch faster, and to capture market share. The company has already begun working with several clients, and is developing personalized ride sharing platforms. The biggest interest is from the Middle East and Europe, where the ATOM team is helping to customize the platform in accordance with local regulations. ATOM platform is already present in 6 countries with 2 more to come till the end of 2019.

ATOM’s solution includes a branded mobile app for riders, which is already operational on iOS and Android, app for employees/operators and a dashboard to manage vehicles, rides, and follow metrics. The app has a built-in “get a free ride” referral program that is optional and can be switched off. Several user registration options are available – ID card, driver’s license or other documents are required upon registration. Likewise, a number of payment options are available including a wallet, pay-per-ride, subscription and more than 30 parameters can be customized according to needs.

“For example, we are currently working on a project to develop an e-scooter sharing platform where all charging stations are integrated to the app,” said Arturs Burnins. “When the e-scooter is taken there and connected to the charger, it’s not possible to collect it until its battery has been charged to a particular level and the scooter is locked. This project is specific because we are also setting up different speed zones within the same city and few other interesting features.”

Together with the partner, ATOM provides customers with the telematic solution that will allow for the remote control of speed, distance, lights and even ignition. The platform owner can see the vehicle’s exact locations and its ride history on the dashboard. There is also an integrated wheel block solution to safeguard against theft or the illegal movement of the vehicle. 

ATOM’s team supports personnel, shares best practice and constantly upgrades software. And it takes just 20 days to get the platform and app up and running. 

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