Improving your vehicle-sharing operations with ATOM's unique features

Improving your vehicle-sharing operations with ATOM's unique features

Are you thinking about launching a vehicle-sharing business, or perhaps you're already in the game? No matter where you are in your business journey, it's vital to understand that in this industry, software can be a game-changer when it comes to your success.

An easy-to-use and intuitive platform with a comprehensive set of features can draw in customers and keep them coming back. For operators, it's about extracting valuable insights from the software to better run their business. 

The good news is that ATOM Mobility has a range of fantastic features that can take your vehicle-sharing venture to the next level. In this blog post, we'll dive into these features and discover how they can improve your business. 

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Corporate integration: promoting sustainability together

With ATOM, vehicle-sharing companies can extend their services to other businesses through corporate accounts and corporate invoicing. This feature facilitates a unique and mutually beneficial partnership between vehicle-sharing providers and companies interested in their services.

Imagine, for instance, a forward-thinking bank that aims to foster a greener and more sustainable approach to mobility for its employees. Instead of every employee relying on their individual cars or traditional transportation methods, the bank decides to collaborate with a vehicle-sharing operator. This collaboration involves setting up a corporate account within ATOM's platform.

In this scenario, the employees gain access to a fleet of shared vehicles registered under this corporate account. These vehicles can include cars, bicycles, scooters, or any mode of transportation available in the vehicle-sharing network. The management can also decide and set up limitations for the usage, for example, set a limitation of a maximum of 200 EUR/month per employee to cover expenses for transportation or allow to use corporate payment method only during weekdays.

This feature creates a win-win scenario, where businesses can promote sustainable practices among their employees – while vehicle-sharing operators gain a reliable source of revenue through corporate partnerships.

Loyalty module: the key to improved user satisfaction and retention

ATOM Mobility's loyalty module adds a fun dimension to its customizable white-label platform. This gamification integration enhances the overall user experience and allows operators to stand out from the competition. 

So, what makes gamification such a great feature?

It makes apps more enjoyable by adding game-like elements, boosting user satisfaction. Popular apps like Duolingo, Fitbit, and Headspace have successfully employed gamification to engage users. ATOM Mobility led the white-label shared mobility industry by introducing this feature for the first time in the summer of 2023. Broadly speaking, gamification provides:

  • Enhanced user engagement: Challenges, rewards, and interactive elements motivate users to actively participate, increasing app usage.
  • Improved user retention: Gamified elements foster a sense of progression, enticing users to return for more.
  • Data insights: Gamification provides valuable data on user behavior, enabling personalization and higher engagement.

With the loyalty module, operators gain access to a special dashboard to create challenges. These can be personalized with titles, points-based goals, duration, and enticing rewards like ride discounts. Multi-level challenges add excitement, keeping users engaged.

Operators can customize the module by adjusting points, point calculation logic, challenge length, and more. When users complete challenges, they receive rewards. Data insights help operators gauge the engagement and effectiveness of their efforts. 

ATOM's clients have noticed a boost in customer engagement and more rides as soon as they started using the loyalty module. You, just like other operators, can also enjoy these benefits by choosing ATOM.

Adding flavor with group discounts and bonus zones

ATOM also offers two unique features that offer advantages to both customers and operators: group discounts and bonus zones.

Group discounts

ATOM Mobility's platform allows operators to implement group discounts. Whether targeting students, businesses, or other specific groups, operators can create custom discount levels. In the backend, they can easily manage group memberships. 

It's straightforward – when group members log in, they see discounted rates tailored to their group. This feature not only attracts a wider audience but also fosters loyalty among targeted groups, making it an attractive proposition for various demographics.

Bonus zones

To promote high-demand areas and incentivize riders, ATOM Mobility has introduced the concept of bonus zones. These zones encourage users to end their rides in specific popular locations. When users comply, they receive bonuses. 

The innovative aspect is that the bonus is applied before the ride is charged, meaning users get an immediate discount. For instance, if a user's ride costs 4 EUR and a 10% bonus is set, they'll be charged only 3.60 EUR, with 0.40 EUR deducted as a bonus. Users can also use accumulated bonuses to pay for rides in full, making it a compelling way to encourage repeat business and reward user loyalty.

Add-ons: an opportunity to upsell insurance

Add-ons available through the ATOM dashboard are a versatile tool designed to provide riders with various services, including insurance, donations, participation in lotteries, or any other service that aligns with your offerings.

Here's how it works:

Before starting a ride, app users can activate the add-ons you've created, which will be billed on top of your standard ride fees. The pricing structure for add-ons comprises a fixed fee, a time-based fee, and a distance-based fee, and operators can adjust and mix these elements as they see fit.

Add-ons in the ATOM Mobility platform offer benefits to both users and operators. From a user perspective, they provide customization, value, and control, allowing riders to tailor their experience and choose services like insurance or donations based on their preferences. 

For operators, add-ons can create new revenue streams and differentiate services. They also provide valuable data insights into user behavior and preferences, enabling data-driven decisions and the potential for partnerships with third-party service providers, such as insurance companies. 

Dynamic pricing

Now you can ensure that the pricing of your services automatically adjusts based on times of the day and days of the week - this feature lets you automate price adjustments by setting time-sensitive multiplicators that will increase or decrease the pricing of your service, for example, twice the normal price for weekend evenings or a 30% discount early Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

How does it work?
The system will take the standard price for the Vehicle model (vehicle-sharing module) or Vehicle class (ride-hail module) and multiply it by the multiplicator set in Dynamic pricing if the ride is started/requested within specified times and days.

Stand out from the competition with ATOM Mobility

As more consumers opt for sustainable transportation, the vehicle-sharing industry is set to see increased demand in the years ahead. This growing demand will bring more operators into the field, intensifying competition. 

One way to distinguish yourself is by delivering an exceptional user experience through software. Alongside the unique features we've explored, ATOM Mobility also provides all the core features you would expect, including a customizable rider app, a feature-rich operator dashboard, AI-powered vehicle analysis, and robust data and analytics tools to support informed business decisions.

Don't miss the chance to captivate your users and stand out in the shared mobility industry!

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