Shrink Scooters from UK taking home the main ATOM Mobility Hub prize

Shrink Scooters from UK taking home the main ATOM Mobility Hub prize

🔥 We're excited to announce that the first-ever "ATOM Mobility Hub" program has concluded with Shrink Scooters taking home the main prize 🎉

ATOM Mobility will set them up with a free software solution for a year to accelerate the launching and growth of their business of bringing shared mobility to UK university campuses.

Congratulations also to the four runner-ups: Swap City, JETT, Mobi-EV, and Drop, as well as all the other teams successfully completing the program. 👏

We can't wait to see what you'll achieve in the future!

👏 Finally, we'd like to express our gratitude to the program's lead mentors and the program partners without whom the program would not be possible: Dr. Johanna Braun, Mario Gamper, KNOT // docking and charging for micromobility, Fluctuo, Funderbeam, ACTON, Anadue, Sumsub, movmi - Shared Mobility Consultants, Helve, EIT Urban Mobility

ATOM Mobility Hub is a free venture-building program meant to help ambitious entrepreneurs to build their mobility companies from zero. The nine-week programme ended with participant business pitches to mobility industry experts and investors on early December, 2022.

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