New customer segment for vehicle fleet owners - tourist destinations

New customer segment for vehicle fleet owners - tourist destinations

The traveling industry is starting to recover from the pandemic. There are more and more tourists appearing and hotels are considering new services to attract them. It is an easy task with ATOM - the hotel can offer different vehicle sharing services for the convenience of their clients as well as for additional income.

This is also an additional opportunity for fleet owners to set up financially beneficial partnerships with the hotel owners. Fleet representatives can reach out to hotels and offer to have vehicles available for their guests and earn money on that as well.

WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all

Why should hotels be interested in this setup? Well, this is their opportunity to earn a percentage from the monthly revenue created by their customers. Offering vehicles for its guests is only a natural next step for providing an even better guest experience. The fleet owner and hotel can sign an agreement and divide the profit between themselves. Moreover, the hotel will have its own dashboard on ATOM platform so it is easy to follow the usage of the fleet that is allocated to the hotel. And it is possible to offer multiple vehicle types - vehicle sharing is not restricted to only bikes in the ATOM app.

Vehicles for both short-term and long-term rental

Hotels have all sorts of guests with various agendas for their trips. As a fleet owner, you can help hotels provide a comprehensive set of mobility solutions that would match all the different needs. For a tourist looking to explore a city or attend a meeting nearby, a daily bike or scooter rental would work great. For tourists interested in exploring the surroundings of the city over the weekend, a 2-3 day car rental would fit the bill nicely. With ATOM software, customers can pre-book the chosen vehicle even before the arrival if the plans are known. If the plans are made on the go, they could grab the suitable vehicle with an on-demand model without the hassle of pre-booking. The best part for the hotel is the fact that its employees do not have to engage with customers regarding vehicle rentals. The rental process is fully automated via the app.

Private branding

In bigger cities, it is worth it for fleet owners to even consider closer cooperation with larger hotel chains. It is easy with ATOM to create a separate app for the particular hotel chain that is branded accordingly. In this case, it is even worth considering branding the part of the fleet that is allocated to the hotel. If the hotel chain is active in several cities where the vehicle sharing company operates as well, then it gives even bigger options for successful collaboration. ATOM doesn't market its software directly to hotels. This opportunity is open for ATOM customers, so they are able to form strong partnerships and even built their whole business model based on this approach, as many of our customers have chosen to do.

And if you are a fleet owner you don't have to stop there. Remember that also resorts and commercially managed "villa villages", or large building complexes (both corporate and private end-users) would like to use vehicle sharing services. Also, employers with a large number of employees are usually thinking about how to make their movement throughout the city more efficient. Vehicle sharing service is one of the best solutions. Employers could even consider using branded fleets to provide the opportunity to move around the city or corporate property.

With the help of ATOM Software and private fleet functionality, our customers have the ability to truly transform their local mobility landscape into a more sustainable one. Be creative!

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